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Cooperative Rates & By-Laws

   The cooperative's rates are set by a 9-member Board of Trustees elected by the membership who oversee the operations of the cooperative.  The current rates were approved February 13, 2018, and were effective with the March 1, 2018 billings.

   The cooperative's By-Laws were first set up by the original Board of Trustees.  They have been revised from time to time by majority vote of the members at annual meetings.

Residential Rates

  The monthly Customer Charge is $29.00 per month.

  There are 2 separate rates for the Energy Charge:

  • Summer Rate (usage during June-Sept)     12.66 cents/kWh
  • Winter Rate (usage during Oct-May)      12.06 cents/kWh

A sample residential bill can be seen by clicking the icon below.

Small Commercial

   The monthly Customer Charge is $32.00 per month for single-phase service, and $35.00 per month for 3-phase.

   There are 2 separate rates for the Energy Charge:

  • Summer Rate (usage during June-Sept)    12.66 cents/kWh
  • Winter Rate (usage during Oct-May)     12.06 cents/kWh

Large Commercial & Industrial - 50 KW or Higher

   Please review the rate tariff by clicking on the link below, and contact our office if you need further information regarding this rate.

Cooperative By-Laws

Minimum Charges

The minimum monthly charge under the above rates shall be the monthly customer charge where 15 kVA or less of transformer capacity is required.  For residential customers requiring more than 15 kVA of transformer capacity, the minimum monthly charge shall include the customer charge in addition to $.75 per kVA above the 15 kVA transformer.  KWh usage allowance is made for that portion of the minimum in excess of the customer charge. No kWh's are included for the customer charge portion of the minimum.

Power Cost Adjustment    

  In 2002, due to the increased costs of purchasing power, the Board of Trustees implemented a Power Cost Adjustment (PCA). The PCA is used only for the purpose of recovering the cost of power purchased from the cooperative's power supplier which exceeds, or is less than, 7 cents per kWh.

   The PCA factor varies each month depending on the average cost of power purchased that month and the kilowatt hours used by the customer. For your reference, this factor is printed monthly in the Kansas Country Living magazine. The PCA is calculated by our billing department and printed on your bill.