The Caney Valley Electric Cooperative Assn., Inc.

Miscellaneous Programs Provided By Your Cooperative

Brush Removal Cost Assistance

    Caney Valley will assist landowners in the removal of hedge or brush which interferes with the operation of the Cooperative's distribution lines.  All locations will be inspected and measured before work begins and after completion to the satisfaction of Caney Valley Electric.  Contact our office for current payment rates and to set up an appointment to meet with a representative.

Emergency Standby Generators

    Caney Valley desires to assist members in obtaining emergency standby generators for extended power outages due to severe storms.

    If requested by the member, Caney Valley will order and obtain a double-pole, double-throw switch for the members, and member shall reimburse the cooperative for actual costs.  If desired, Caney Valley will also install the switch at the member's premises for an installation charge of $200.  All costs must be paid prior to installation.

Public Safety Demonstrations

    Cooperative personnel will provide free public safety presentations and high voltage demonstrations to any group or organization in our service area.  Contact our office to schedule a line crew to come talk with your group.

UPS Pickup Point

    Have a package you want to send UPS?  UPS picks up packages at our office every weekday.   Bring in your package ready for shipment, and we will print a UPS address label with the necessary information.  Caney Valley provides this service for only $1.00 in addition to current UPS charges.