The Caney Valley Electric Cooperative Assn., Inc.


    If we are expecting or experiencing an extended outage, we will try to post information here or on our Facebook page under Caney Valley Electric so that you can plan accordingly.

How to Report an Outage

    FIRST CHECK YOUR OWN FUSES OR BREAKERS!  If buildings are equipped with fuses, replace any that are burned out.  If equipped with multi-breakers, push all switch levers to the off position as far as possible, then return levers to the on position gently.  Rural consumers - Be sure to check the breaker on the meter pole if your trouble is not cleared.  This breaker is either OFF or ON.  If it is tripped to OFF, and when you push it to ON and remove your hand it jumps back to the OFF position, you have trouble in your wiring.  Either repair it or call your electrician.


    If the above has not cleared your trouble, please check with your neighbors to see if their service is also off.  After you have determined that the trouble is not in your fuses or breakers, and after checking with your neighbors, please notify the cooperative of the outage at once.  Cedar Vale consumers call 758-2262.  All other consumers call toll-free 1-800-310-8911.


    Our service crews will be dispatched as soon as possible to attend to your outage.