The Caney Valley Electric Cooperative Assn., Inc.

Board of Trustees

    Caney Valley Electric has a nine-member Board of Trustees that makes decisions affecting major requirements of the cooperative.  Members of the cooperative can contact any of them at any time for information regarding Caney Valley Electric.  They meet on the second Tuesday of each month at the cooperative's office in Cedar Vale.


        Kenneth Bates, Cedar Vale, President

        Steve Clark, Havana, Vice President

        Coral Ann Magnus, Cedar Vale, Secretary/Treasurer

            David Evans, Howard, Trustee

            Dan Hubert, Sedan, Trustee

            Carl Johnson, Jr, Atlanta, Trustee

            Chris Kelly, Grenola, Trustee

            Charles McMillan, Sedan, Trustee

            Dale Steward, Grenola, Trustee

Management & Staff

    Allen Zadorozny, Manager

       Debbie Wall, Administrative Specialist

       Becky Williams, Technology Manager

       Joni Wolfe, Cashier/Receptionist

       Kitty Sweaney, Accounting and HR Manager

Craig Lampson, Line Superintendent

            Oscar Mattocks, Operations Agent

            Bob Kennedy, Equipment Technician

            Robert French, Line Foreman

            Alan Hull, Line Foreman

            Dave Kelly, Line Foreman

                Charley Ellis, Journeyman Lineman

                Brad Brown, Journeyman Lineman

                Brian Smylie, Journeyman Lineman

                Montana Johnson, AMI/GIS Systems Coordinator

                Aaron Evans, Journeyman Lineman

                 Marc Champlin, Journeyman Lineman

Denton Holt, Journeyman Lineman

Katlin Wilson, Journeyman Lineman

                Tom Everett, Apprentice Lineman/Groundman